Beauty, Hair and Health in Dundee

Spas offer an enticing and serene atmosphere that not only induce relaxation, but also promote health by reducing stress levels and cleansing the body of toxins that have built up over time. Dundee has many exceptional spa centers offering extensive and exclusive treatments for visitors. Visit any of the great spas on offer for a great relaxing day to make your vacation just a little bit better than it was before!

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga in Dundee

Hot Yoga are a specialized boutique- designed and full-character yoga studio in Dundee established in 2013. The studio is renowned for its unique warn design and impeccable standard of cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere.
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Mcintyre's Hair Salon

Mcintyre's Hair Salon in Dundee

McIntyre’s is a highly recognized and respected independent hair salon group based in Dundee, Scotland, Their team of stylists have achieved the highest recognition with industry awards including winning the Scottish hairdresser of the year award.
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The Serenity Spa

The Serenity Spa in Dundee

The Serenity Spa offers many massage therapies aiming to destress and relax both your body and mind. Treatments range from 30-90 minutes and you can choose the ideal time and treatment for yourself.
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