HRT now available over the counter in Boots – but can you get it in Tayside and Fife?

Gina 10 is available over the counter in Boots stores now. Photo by Boots.
Gina 10 is available over the counter in Boots stores now. Photo by Boots.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is now available over the counter across the UK.

The Gina 10 microgram vaginal tablets are now available to buy at around 600 Boots stores across the UK, as well as through their online doctor service.

The treatment will be available to women over 50 who have not had a period in the last year.

But how does Gina help with menopause symptoms? And where can you get it in Tayside and Fife?

We’re answering all your questions on the new over-the-counter HRT.

What is Gina – and how does it help menopause symptoms?

Gina is a low-dose oestrogen HRT for women experiencing vaginal discomfort caused by the menopause.

Women insert one tablet into their vagina daily for a fortnight. They then begin taking one tablet twice a week, following the initial course of treatment.

Gina helps with vaginal symptoms caused by the menopause. Photo by Boots.

The tablets can alleviate vaginal symptoms such as dryness, soreness, itching, burning and uncomfortable sex by releasing oestrogen directly into the vaginal tissue.

It doesn’t help all menopause symptoms, such as hot flushes, but other forms of HRT that address these issues are still available on prescription.

Where can I buy Gina?

You can buy Gina at Boots. It is currently available at around 600 stores across the UK, which will be expanded to the more than 2,247 shops by the end of October.

You can also buy it through Boots’ online doctor. It is available for £29.99 online and in-store, which buys 24 tablets.

Boots, Dundee Street, Carnoustie.

Anyone buying it in-store or online must go through a consultation with a pharmacist to ensure it is suitable. No appointment is needed to access the service.

Gina is still available on prescription through your GP.

Where can I get it in Tayside and Fife?

We phoned around Boots pharmacies across Tayside and Fife, to find out if any had Gina in stock.

Of the 11 branches who answered the phone, only one (Kirkcaldy High Street) said they currently had it.

If you wish to get the treatment from the Kirkcaldy store, you should visit the pharmacy section and a pharmacist will carry out a consultation with you.

Boots in Broughty Ferry Brook Street said they were awaiting stock and should be getting it in “soon”.

Carnoustie Dundee Street, Perth High Street, Montrose High Street and Glenrothes Lyon Square said they weren’t sure if or when they’d be getting stock in.

Christopher Tennant Dundee Court
Boots on Dundee High Street doesn’t currently have Gina in stock.

Arbroath High Street, Dundee High Street and Perth Road, Crieff High Street, St Andrews Market Street and Brechin St David Street also didn’t have any available.

A spokesperson for Boots said: “Gina is available nationwide online and at more that 50 stores in Scotland. It will be available in all stores by the end of October.

“If Gina is not yet available in your local store you can order it online or view our stock checker to see which is the nearest store to you with stock available.

“As a pharmacy medicine, the sale of Gina in store must be supervised by a pharmacist following a consultation with the patient.”

How do I buy it online?

If your local Boots branch does not yet have Gina in stock, you can get it online instead and have it delivered to your home or your nearest store.

Through Boot’s online doctor service, you can fill in a questionnaire on their website, answering questions about your health to see if Gina is suitable for you.

You can get the treatment in-store or order online.

You’ll have to advise about the types of symptoms you’re experiencing, previous HRT treatment you’ve received, and whether you have an in-tact uterus.

After submitting your information, including contact details, a pharmacist may contact you with further questions.

To complete the questionnaire, add Gina to your basket on the Boots website, log in or create an account and the questions should come up automatically.

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