MATCH REPORT: Stars Defeated After Fight in Cardiff

The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars came back to tie the score twice in Cardiff last night but were ultimately beaten by the Devils 6-3 in South Wales, which means they will have to beat their Tayside rivals this weekend to secure their place in the playoffs.

By Kris Smith

The Stars were missing three players from their roster as goalkeeper, Lucas Brine was given the start between the pipes after coming in for Kevin Carr mid-game last Saturday and he would drop out to join Josh Brittain and Craig Garrigan on the sidelines.

After a scoreless opening five minutes, the end-to-end game produced its first goal as Brandon Alderson fired home Jamie Arniel’s squared pass to beat Brine and put Cardiff in front.

However, Dundee hit back just three minutes later as Carter Johnson won the puck back along the boards and he then fed a pass out to Brent Beaudoin who had a two-on-one break with Jake Elmer in tow.

Beaudoin would draw in the defender before passing to Elmer and he buried his shot high over the shoulder of Ben Bowns in the Cardiff net, on eight minutes.

The tensions then started to boil over between the two sides as Brendan Harms and Cardiff’s Cole Sanford came together at the benches, before Xavier Pouliot and Devils’ defender, River Rymsha got involved and all would end up in the penalty box except Sanford, which put Cardiff on the powerplay.

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All images: James Assinder.

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