Scapes Exhibition by David Joy

An exhibition comprising a collection of coastline studies by ‘Golf Historian’ David Joy, who has been painting and observing his view from The Grange, St Andrews for over 40 years. With reference to his work, the time he has spent studying the changing light of the foreshore of the North Sea on the East of Scotland have revealed a fantastic depiction of delicacies in light changes through a myriad of colours and subtle details within each unique piece. Though the scapes deliberately evade a focal point, one can appreciate depth in all aspects of the work. Colour use captures luminescence and an ever altering, merging light across the horizon with blue-grey and pink weather tones. Various brush stroke types convey the different natural textures. This stunning work is a ‘complete break from the traditional’ in composition and artistic angle.

Scapes Exhibition

The experience will feature variable lighting levels, as used by David himself to display his work. The light provided to the pieces highlights and dulls the grading of texture on the canvas surface, rewarding an alternative platform for appreciation, as well as a very tactile and adaptable piece of art.

Runs from Monday 18th November to Saturday 30th November at Dock Street Studios, 9/10 Dock Street
Dundee DD1 4BT.

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